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Below are some reviews we have received from clients. Please take your time to read what clients say about us. We hope we can help you too. If you want more feedback from other clients, see more video client reviews here and handwritten evaluations here as well. We offer free consultations and are here to answer all your questions. Free consultations always and we only get paid when we collect money for you.

Testimonial by E. Smith - Arizona:

I was riding my motorcycle and a man backed out of a drive way and ran me over. Four months later, I lost my leg. Mark Breyer made a great difference in my life. Mark Breyer was a real sincere guy. He went above and beyond the call of duty. I have enjoyed my whole experience. Anyone in an accident, I would tell them what a wonderful experience I had and to trust The Husband & Wife Law Team.

Testimonial by Shannon P. - Peoria, Arizona:

As a small business owner, the Husband & Wife Law Team was very appealing. I also checked lawyer sites and found positive reviews. I was hesitant to hire a lawyer because of the stigma associated with suing someone. And initially the other party had indicated they would work with us. I always felt like I was important and cared about. Mark was very professional and caring, and aggressive when needed. We were kept well informed through the whole process and always felt like you had a friend on your side. Whenever I had a question or concern there was always an immediate response. The Husband & Wife Law Team took away the stigma - I never felt like it was just about the money - my health and recovery was the most important. After this experience, I would NEVER try to handle this on my own. It is a huge relief to know that you have someone to go to bat against the insurance companies for you who really knows what they are doing. Thank you!

Alexis & Mark:

Shannon had a major fracture which required surgery after she fell on a concrete area in a shopping center which is why she was in search of an Arizona slip and fall lawyer. Many times insurance companies will act just like Shannon experienced where they will tell you that they will work with you, but when it comes time to offering a settlement all of a sudden "working with you" has a totally different meaning. Shannon quickly found this out and we were able to hire an expert investigator who went down to the scene and took pictures. It was clear from our investigation that the shopping center knew that it had a dangerous condition that needed to be fixed and it was never fixed. We investigated not just the current accident but were able to locate prior accidents as well. Shannon was able to receive a six figure settlement and we are happy to hear that she felt she had a friend on her side throughout the entire process. Our philosophy is that clients deserve the best client service along with the best legal representation. We make sure we use our aggressive tactics when necessary against the insurance company but at all times maintain a professional relationship with all parties involved which is part of why we think we maintain our superb reputation in Arizona.

Testimonial by Bertha D. - Mesa, Arizona:

I chose The Husband & Wife Law Team after I met Mark and his wife. His staff was professional. They did "Great." I appreciated not just Alexis and Mark but all of them. From the beginning to the end, I received great service. I don't have anything to recommend that they improve on - You know if you try to fix something that is not broken you will break it! If I knew someone in an accident, I would talk them into going with Mark and Alexis for sure.

Alexis & Mark:

Bertha was involved in an intersection car accident in Mesa, Arizona. She was transported immediately to the hospital and then went to a rehabilitation center for continued help with her injuries. She was not getting adequate care at the rehabilitation center and was developing bed sores so we were able to get involved with her medical care to some degree. Bertha sustained a fractured pelvis, fractures ribs, and injuries to her back, neck, arm, and shoulder. The driver that ran into her admitted fault but then later complained of his brakes not working at the time of the accident. Many times at-fault drivers will admit liability at the scene of the accident but after they talk to the insurance company, it seems although their view on fault changes. We were able to obtain a successful personal injury settlement for Bertha and am glad to hear that she had a great experience with our office.

Testimonial by Jeff H. - Queen Creek, Arizona:

I chose Alexis and Mark because they took such great care of me in my last lawsuit many years ago. They are the best law firm and have the best paralegals. I really appreciated all the calls and emails keeping me posted of everything. The Husband & Wife Law Team is the best - love the family. I was hurt when a driver was talking on his cell phone and rear ended me at a stop light. The Husband & Wife Law Team gave me better service than all of the rest of the people involved and I am thankful. It could cost you more money if you don't call them. Pick up the phone - you have more to gain than lose. Your insurance company is not your friend when you have a claim.

Alexis & Mark:

Jeff was originally involved in an Arizona car accident that we helped him with way back in 2001. Recently, he was involved in another car accident where he was rear-ended and sent by ambulance to the hospital. He had a bulging disk and other injuries that prevented him from working. Although we do not have many repeat clients - thank goodness - we were happy Jeff felt comfortable calling us right away to help him again. Jeff initially found us through a friend who was also in a car accident that we helped and still keep in touch with to this day. It is nice to maintain relationships with clients not only during their case but after their claim is closed as well. When you come to our office, you are a lifetime client. If you ever have any questions on a legal claim always feel free to give us a call and we can either help you or we will send you in the right direction.

Testimonial by Bill R. - Tempe, Arizona:

Keeping me informed and up to date on the settlement was great. I received the settlement in less time and it was more than what was expected. I will miss working with them. If I knew someone who needed their services, I would take them right there!

Alexis & Mark:

Bill was involved in a head-on collision car accident in Arizona wherein he was taken by ambulance to the hospital and was in the intensive care unit with serious injuries. His wife called our office because she did not know how to deal with the property damage and was starting to get multiple calls from the insurance companies. We were able to secure policy limits from all insurance companies involved and the best part of us representing Bill and his wife, was the great cookies and brownies she brought to our office when they picked up their settlement check. We are pleased that we were able to help them reach a great resolution for their claim.

Testimonial by Pete R. - Peoria, Arizona:

This was our first time dealing with lawyers. The accident happened so fast and was the scariest moment of my life. Everyone was honest, prompt, courteous and friendly at The Husband & Wife Law Team. I think they did an excellent job in all areas. The best part was the money because I really needed it. Thank you so much. If someone was considering hiring a lawyer, I would say, "Call the Breyers."

Alexis & Mark:

Pete was rear-ended in a car accident and broke his back, knee and right shoulder. He also fractured his sternum. He remained in ICU and it was a very difficult time for him and his family. He was unable to work due to his injuries. There were many lien holders on his case, which frequently happens in car accident claims in Arizona. Pete remained in the hospital for some time and then was transferred to a rehabilitation center. We were able to discover multiple insurance policies and secure lien reductions to put more money in Pete and his family's pocket so that they were in a better financial position.

Testimonial by Wayne P. - Phoenix, Arizona:

I chose The Husband & Wife Law Team because of a testimonial on the website. As soon as I met Mark in the hospital I knew I was in good hands. Mark was very upfront with me and told me he would do the very best for me and made no false promises. Being able to negotiate the bills was great. The money did not hurt either. Keeping me in the loop and being so honest on what was being accomplished was part of why I had outstanding service. The Husband & Wife Law Team could not have done a better job - no improvement needed, "Great Job." I would refer to The Husband & Wife Law Team in a heartbeat. My opinion of The Husband & Wife Law Team is "one of the best." The best part was being able t find lawyers that were honest and trustworthy (Mark - thank you). These comments are straight from my heart - great, great job. Do not hesitate to call.

Alexis & Mark:

Wayne was in a motor vehicle accident and was in search of Arizona car accident lawyers. He was seriously injured and was surprised to find out that the adverse driver was contesting liability. The witnesses all had different stories as to who was at fault for the accident. Wayne had a fracture to his arm and nerve damage to his hand. He fractured his right ankle, fractured his ribs and had loss of consciousness. He was unable to return to work for some time and had permanent loss of function to his hand. Wayne contacted our offices right away and Mark visited him in the hospital. We began to work right away on his Phoenix car accident case and after some time we were able to secure policy limits from two different insurance companies. Wayne received a sizable settlement. Many times contacting a lawyer right away is the key to a successful outcome on your case. That does not mean it is always necessary to contact a lawyer right away or that a lawyer is needed on your case. We are happy Wayne chose our office and even happier to hear that we met and exceeded all of Wayne's expectations.

Testimonial by S. Lawson - Phoenix, Arizona:

The walkway in front of my daughter's condo was not lit and there was a step down. I could not see. I fell crashing hard on my knee in the rocks by the pathway. Physical therapy did not help the pain and after several months I had knee surgery and more physical therapy. While it is better, it will never be 100%. During my consultation, I was made to understand that filing a claim through an attorney was not a bad thing to do, that I had gone through a lot of pain and it was I that was a victim and possibly through my case, the walkway would be changed so others would not be injured. The average person does not have the knowledge or time to pursue the actions that need to be taken to win a successful claim. An experienced law team is worth their weight in gold. I was most impressed that every phone call was followed up with a letter summarizing the conversation. I feel I could put my complete trust in them. Being informed every step of the way was so helpful. I wasn't left to worrying or second guessing what was going on. In a word, "Outstanding!"

Testimonial by Keven G.:

I got hit by someone while riding my bike. Give yourself a break, let them handle it! They are fantastic and trustworthy.

Testimonial by Levi F.:

All processes were handled professionally and up to my expectation. I appreciated the personal touch of the employees. The circumstances that required The Husband & Wife Law Team's services were not good, but the professionalism of the law office always reassured me that everything would be taken care of by my attorney. The ability of the staff members to remember small details about me was especially appreciated.

I was involved in a roll over accident caused by a hit and run. The Husband & Wife Law Team helped me in every aspect of my recovery. The Husband & Wife Law Team is not a typical law office. They are the best. They will get the job done and it will be done the right way.

Testimonial by Mario - Arizona:

My mom was hit by a truck in a parking lot. She was in the hospital for four days. The Defendants never apologized. I found The Husband & Wife Law Team - Thank Goodness. The follow up communication made mom feel special and was very personal/professional. Get the right lawyer - Call Breyer today! What a great team.

Testimonial by Steven F. - Peoria, Arizona:

I was in a car accident. My children found The Husband & Wife Law Team while I was in the hospital. Everything was handled well. Alexis was almost like a family member. It was a great experience. Don't be stupid, call The Husband & Wife Law Team!

Alexis & Mark:

Steven was involved in a serious car accident. He had some pre-existing conditions and the insurance company was denying that his current symptoms were related to the accident. Our client did not want to accept the lowball offer from the insurance company and trusted us to push the case forward. After we had the opportunity to file suit on his behalf and push the case forward, the insurance company was forced to accept the fact that Steven was entitled to compensation for all of the injuries he suffered as a result of the automobile collision, and our client was fully compensated under the law. We appreciate Steven's kind words about our office. One of the reasons we started The Husband & Wife Law Team was to give people the top notch legal service they deserve while treating them with the respect they deserve in a combination of professionalism with family principles that we think is probably unique to The Husband & Wife Law Team.

Testimonial by Patricia A.:

I was not sure what to expect in hiring a lawyer because I had never done this before. I fell and broke both wrist bones. The Husband & Wife Law Team was quick to respond and helped me with my case. I was very impressed. I would tell people who are considering handling a claim on their own to not be foolish and hire an attorney!

Alexis & Mark:

Patricia tripped on a cement sidewalk at the entrance of a retail store that we claimed was a trip hazard and wasdangerous due to poor maintenance. She broke her wrist and arm in two places. She was immediately taken to the hospital. The retail store denied liability saying it was not their fault. We filed a lawsuit on this case and were able to obtain a settlement for Patricia that she thought was a fair amount to accept, and we were able to do so without having to take the case to trial, something she did not want to do. Patricia spent a lot of time looking for the right attorney and we are glad our legal services impressed her.

Testimonial by Gary P. - Phoenix, Arizona:

I became aware of Alexis and Mark through a friend. I had a good feeling when I first talked to Mark. I was in a motorcycle accident where a lady turned in front of my motorcycle and caused an accident. My case results were higher than expected as Alexis and Mark were able to collect from my underinsured part of my policy on my motorcycle and my car policies. Their communication impressed me and they always responded timely.

Alexis & Mark:

Gary was seriously injured and had shoulder surgery. Gary came to us after he tried to handle his claim on his own for some time. He thought he did not need an attorney to help him and was concerned about paying an attorney's fee for something he thought he would be able to handle on his own. After some time, however, he found that he was getting the run-around from multiple insurance companies - the other driver's insurance, his health insurance, and others - and decided he needed help. Gary is an excellent example of why it is important to work with a lawyer. Had he settled his case on his own, he would have had to pay most of the money received from the other driver's insurance to the hospital and doctors due to liens the hospital had placed on his case. Not only were we able to greatly reduce those liens and get far more to him - even after paying attorneys' fees - but we uncovered an additional insurance policy, netting Gary more than twice as much in his pocket - after fees - as he was going to accept before he decided to hire our firm.

When he was signing the final paperwork, Gary asked how we were able to get the money, while he had not been able to come close while spending months trying it on his own. We explained that we focus only on injury and wrongful death law, we know many of the insurance adjusters - and they know us, we know the case law, we know where to look for additional policies and most importantly how to get the insurance companies to tender their limits.

Testimonial by Jesse S. - formerly of Arizona, now Texas:

I had a fall at work. The Husband & Wife Law Team had a quick and timely filing of this case with the Court. At mediation, I was very impressed at how all things fell into place. Mark's ability to verbally communicate with all the parties involved; I [was] really very impressed. Their experience and professionalism made me feel confident of the case. They were honest and straight forth from the beginning of the case. Every aspect of the case was handled well.

Alexis & Mark:

Jesse was working at the time of the accident at a construction site. We have successfully handled many construction accident cases. In Jesse's case, subcontractors did not install railings or meet the required safety measures at the construction site where Jesse was working. Subsequently, Jesse fell from the second floor. Jesse had a head contusion, broken ribs and was in intensive care for two days. We were able to secure pictures of the scene and secure testimony from the general contractor that the subcontractor was told that this was a safety hazard and someone could be hurt. Our investigation of finding out that the subcontractor was told that this was a hazardous condition proved to be pivotal in this case.

Testimonial by Allan and Linda B. - Scottsdale, Arizona:

My wife and I recently completed an extremely positive experience with The Husband & Wife Law Team and specifically Alexis and Mark Breyer. My wife had fallen in downtown Phoenix due to a construction error caused by the city. We had worried about this being a very intimidating and difficult process but Alexis, Mark, and the entire staff made everything go far more smoothly than we ever believed could be possible. Everybody we worked with was an absolute pleasure and treated us like we were their only client. We both would highly recommend both of them and their entire law firm as emphatically as we can.

Alexis & Mark:

Linda fell due to the construction error of the City of Phoenix and the general contractor. The city of Phoenix denied responsibility. We filed a lawsuit against the city of Phoenix as well as the general contractor because both were denying responsibility. Although Linda sustained some serious injuries, she was able to heal and now feels much better. During her healing process, we were able to reach a settlement with both the City of Phoenix and the general contractor. We hope our efforts serve to prevent future injuries to other innocent people in this same area. In fact, it is our understanding that the area where Linda fell has been fixed and it is now safe for innocent individuals.

Testimonial by Dawn R. - Glendale, Arizona:

I chose Alexis and Mark Breyer, The Husband & Wife Law Team, because they were the Husband & Wife Law Team. Their staff was courteous and professional. Mark and Alexis are very nice and even after my case was resolved they told us to stay in touch. I was very impressed by that. If we ever needed another attorney, we would surely call them again and would refer family or friends to them as well.

Alexis & Mark:

Dawn was involved in a bike accident. The insurance company denied liability stating that she was at fault for the accident. We did an investigation and found that Dawn was not at fault for the accident. We were able to settle her claim short of litigation.

Testimonial by Chanel - Phoenix, Arizona:

Everybody at The Husband & Wife Law Team was helpful. Whenever I called they answered all my questions. Everybody was wonderful. You guys did a wonderful job. You took the fear out of the unknown.

Alexis & Mark:

Chanel was involved in an automobile accident where the insurance company denied that any of her injuries were related to the accident. We had to file a lawsuit and attend several depositions. We spoke with Chanel's doctor at length who agreed to testify on behalf of Chanel. Just before trial the insurance company increased their offer to a fair amount.

Testimonial by Roxie S. - Tempe, Arizona:

Alexis and Mark know what to do and they do it. I am so thankful I had the husband and wife lawyers. Thanks to my hairdresser for recommending them. Thanks for a great job in getting a nice settlement for me. You both worked very hard for me. They also both became my good friends. Mark even met with my financial planner at his office to make sure my settlement was in a safe account. It was a great experience and both of you did what you do best.

Alexis & Mark:

Roxie was involved in a very serious accident. She was on her way home from the gym when she was hit by a driver who failed to yield the right of way. She was immediately taken to the hospital and had surgery to her ankle. Roxie's hairdresser was a former client of ours. We are very thankful for her referral. The adverse insurance company tried to blame Roxie for not having her lights on, but we were able to do our own investigation to prove that her lights were on at the time of the accident. Roxie had to have three surgeries to her ankle, but she is now feeling better. We were able to mediate her case with the insurance company and settle her case without litigation.

Testimonial by Sam B. - Gilbert, Arizona:

I was referred to The Husband & Wife Law Team from a friend. I went with them for my accident/injury case, and it was the best decision I ever made. The Breyers handled every detail, always returned my calls promptly and answered all my questions. I never thought twice about my case and before I knew it, my case was settled and I could not have been more pleased with the outcome. The whole experience was a pleasure and now I refer anyone in need of legal help to my friends, Alexis and Mark Breyer.

Alexis & Mark:

Sam was injured due to the negligence of another driver in an automobile collision. He was rear-ended and the damage to his vehicle rendered it a total loss. Sam's uncle owned the vehicle and we helped them negotiate the total loss value of the vehicle complimentary since we were handling Sam's personal injury claim. Initially, the insurance company did not offer a fair settlement. We filed suit quickly, and soon thereafter we were offered a fair settlement amount. Our thanks go out to Antonio J. for referring Sam to our office.

Testimonial by B.B. - Scottsdale, Arizona:

Life is not always a walk in the park, however you really find out that some people truly care about you when things are not so great! For instance, after a bad car accident I was involved in I realized how sincere, caring and supportive the Breyers were to me. They came through for me at a bad time in my life. They followed up in a timely manner and answered all my questions. They took the time to understand the situation and helped me seek medical attention. I truly appreciate everything they have done for me.

Testimonial by Angie S. - Ahwatukee, Arizona:

My son was in an auto accident. By reading the Ahwatukee News I noticed an advertisement for Mark and Alexis Breyer and there was an instant connection. I contacted them and my son and I met with them. From our first meeting we knew these two were there to work for you. I also used them on a complicated auto accident that occurred out of state. Mark and Alexis worked tirelessly until the end of the case. They went out of their way to find an attorney in Washington to handle the case on our behalf and worked in conjunction with the out of state attorney until a satisfactory settlement of the case was achieved. Between the two of them was a happy medium which makes you realize that these two are sincere, confident, and totally enjoy what they are doing. They are a team you can trust and use in the future to get things done and I would highly recommend to others their services should the need arise.

Alexis & Mark:

Angie's son was involved in an accident wherein he was hit by a commercial truck while riding his bicycle and sustained significant injuries. The case was particularly difficult because there were no known witnesses and the driver of the commercial truck fled the scene of the accident. Our investigation was able to uncover the name of the driver of the commercial truck which gave us the ability to obtain a fair settlement for Angie's son.

Testimonial by Charles R. - Peoria, Arizona:

I could not have had a better experience. Mark and Alexis were always available, always knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. I would recommend them to anyone.

Testimonial by Misty B. - Phoenix, Arizona:

Mark and Alexis were great. We could not have selected a better law office. Our daughter broke her arm and they even offered to share their babysitter because we couldn't take her to her current childcare. We would recommend them to anyone.

Alexis & Mark:

Misty and her family were involved in a serious accident. Their daughter sustained a fractured arm and Misty sustained significant and permanent injuries as well. It was a very traumatic accident and we were able to help them out personally and professionally. As a result of the accident, Misty was out of work for nearly 5 months. We spoke with her doctors and thereafter obtained written reports from them. With all of our detailed documentation, we were able to prove our claim to the insurance company to settle Misty's and her daughter's claim.

Testimonial by T. and R. Smith - Chandler, Arizona:

I really enjoyed my experience working with Mark and Alexis Breyer. No one will take care of you like they will. Friendly, and on your side. Experience is their middle name.

Alexis & Mark:

We represented T. Smith in two claims. The first claim had a complicated liability issue in that Ms. Smith rear-ended a semi-truck. We successfully argued that the semi-truck made a wide right hand turn without proper warning, causing Ms. Smith to believe the semi-truck was going to simply change lanes into the left hand lane. We were able to obtain a copy of the CDL (Commercial Driver's License) Manual which showed the manner in which the trucker turned was against driving regulations. In that claim, Ms. Smith sustained a permanent brain injury. In the second claim, Ms. Smith and her daughter were again involved in a serious accident. We were able to obtain a settlement of the entire underlying insurance policy.

Testimonial by T. L. - Tempe, Arizona:

With my loving daughter, Caroline, we express our heart-felt gratitude to you, not only for your professional service, but also for your warm care during the time of our trouble, pain, confusion, and frustration. Simply we could not find the proper words to express our grateful feelings for you. Thank you and thank you again for your sincere care for my daughter and me. The two of you are the most gracious lawyers that we have ever come across during our lives. May God richly reward your unselfish service and genuine care.

Alexis & Mark:

We have been able to offer our personal and professional assistance to this wonderful family who was dealing with the significant legal complexities of a multi-vehicle serious auto accident while coping with the loss of a loved one.

Testimonial by C. Washington - Phoenix, Arizona:

The Breyer's staff is very patient and have friendly service. They are always easy to reach by telephone. I always had good access to my case. My case was a hard case and the Breyer's worked hard on my case.

Alexis & Mark:

C. Washington did, indeed, have a very difficult case in that she was the passenger of a vehicle and the drivers of both vehicles felt the other was fully responsible for the accident. Ms. Washington was referred by another attorney who does not handle these types of claims. We immediately filed suit and ultimately were able to settle her claims against both parties.

Testimonial by Karen T. - Apache Junction:

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and Alexis and Mark were very compassionate. It was obvious that they handled my case with great thoroughness. I will always use them for my legal matters. I have full faith and trust in Mark and Alexis. I had no worries with the insurance company or the doctors. They handled it all.

Alexis & Mark:

Karen was involved in a rear-end collision. She aggravated injuries to her neck causing permanent injuries wherein she required injections to her neck and extensive therapy. We were successful in demonstrating that the motor vehicle accident was the cause of Karen's increased neck pain. Luckily, Karen is doing much better. Karen was referred by one of her co-workers to our office.

Testimonial by Harry and S.K. - Gold Canyon, Arizona:

We were referred to Alexis and Mark from another client. They always answered our questions in a timely manner and kept us informed. They are straight talkers and did not lead us to believe the impossible. They are friendly lawyers with friendly staff. Alexis and Mark are also family oriented. They handled the entire process well.

Alexis & Mark:

We represented this husband and wife in a serious trucking accident. The driver of the truck company fell asleep at the wheel and the truck landed on the roof of our clients' vehicle. We had to file a lawsuit because the representatives of the trucking company were not being reasonable. We litigated the matter and ultimately went to a mediation, which was unsuccessful. Just before trial, we were able to settle the case. The case settled for a confidential amount.

Testimonial by Aalia A. - Phoenix, Arizona:

Alexis and Mark did a job well done the way it is supposed to be. They did a great job. Good people and Good work!

Alexis & Mark:

Aalia was involved in an automobile accident. She was significantly hurt. We were able to reach a fair settlement amount without litigating the case. Aalia was involved in an accident in which there were 4 other vehicles involved. The automobile accident occurred in Phoenix while Aalia was driving. Luckily, for Aalia she was able to recover from her injuries.

Testimonial by Chris R. - Phoenix, Arizona:

I found Alexis and Mark from the yellow pages. They were courteous and professional. The best part was the outcome.

Alexis & Mark:

Chris was involved in an accident in Phoenix Arizona. He was driving when another driver made a left turn in front of him coming out from a private drive. The police cited the other driver, but the insurance company argues that Chris' broken ribs and other injuries were not that significant of an injury. In order to obtain a fair settlement, we filed suit. Thereafter, we were able to reach a fair settlement with the insurance company.

Testimonial by Heather G. - Gilbert, Arizona:

Before choosing The Husband & Wife Law Team as my injury and accident attorneys, I talked to a few different attorneys. The Breyers made me feel comfortable and knew what they were doing. They stayed on top of my case. They always made me feel comfortable and I knew they were there to help. The settlement for my vehicle and for my injuries was more than I expected.

Alexis & Mark:

Heather was stopped behind a car at a red light. The light turned green but no other drivers moved. There was a young girl on her cell phone texting another individual driving behind Heather. The girl texting did not slow down. She was going about 45 miles per hour. She slammed into the back of Heather's vehicle. Heather's vehicle was totaled. We helped Heather with taking care of the property damage which we do complimentary when we help a client with their injury and wrongful death claim. We were able to work with doctors to get Heather back to her pre-accident condition.

Testimonial by John D. - Tolleson, Arizona:

Keep doing what you do! The Breyers handled the entire case well. They always returned my calls and the paralegal who helped on my case was always friendly. What impressed me most what their being friendly, understanding and timeliness. I would without question refer a family member or friend to them. They are more like friends than lawyers. I know now that if I ever need a lawyer in the future who I will call. My experience was not the stereotype lawyers experience I was expecting. I was hurt and didn't want to deal with the insurance. Mark took the time to see me while he was leaving on vacation. Very family oriented.

Alexis & Mark:

John was riding his motorcycle when he was rear ended by another vehicle. Mark went to his home as we always try to do to see him because he was suffering from serious injuries due to the motorcycle accident. We were able to settle John's claim without having to file a lawsuit. We were able to show the insurance company that without question John sustained serious injuries from the motorcycle accident. We pride ourselves in stepping away from the stereotypical lawyer persona and seek to have a friendly and personable relationship with all our clients.

Testimonial by Ed H. - Phoenix, Arizona:

I was referred to Alexis and Mark by a friend and former client. They gave me prompt attention. They were professional. They are knowledgeable and hard working. The best part was the settlement. I had a positive experience. From the start The Husband & Wife Law Team gave me excellent advice.

Alexis & Mark:

Ed was referred to us by a friend of his who was a client of ours about 5 years prior. Of course, we kept in touch with the former client and we are pleased that he referred Ed to our office. Ed was cut off by another driver that resulted in him being injured and his car being totaled. We were able to help with negotiating a settlement for the total value of his vehicle and also reach a fair settlement for his injury claim with the insurance company.

Testimonial by James R. - Glendale, Arizona:

I was in an auto accident. I found the Breyers from a phone book. After the initial interview I liked what I heard. Mark and his wife always answered questions and called back in a timely manner. I especially appreciated my paralegal as well. She was always professional and courteous. I am happy and my experience was fantastic. We were 4,000 miles away and if anything would ever happen to me in Phoenix, I wouldn't hesitate to use The Husband & Wife Law Team again.

Alexis & Mark:

James was involved in a car accident in Glendale Arizona. He lives in New York but had been in Arizona. He required back surgery because of the car accident but the insurance company argued the back pain was prior to the accident. Ultimately, we had to file a lawsuit but we were able to prove that James' back surgery was related to the car accident. We did not have to go to trial and the adverse insurance tendered their policy limits.

Testimonial by DeeAnna B. - Avondale, Arizona:

I became aware of The Husband & Wife Law Team from my brother. The whole process I was very satisfied. My paralegal was exceptional, compassionate and professional. The accident itself was traumatic enough and this firm made things easier. The Husband & Wife Law Team provided outstanding service from start to finish. They are definitely number one on my list. They operate smoothly and efficiently. I had a positive experience. I would highly recommend their legal expertise. They made navigating the legal system and paperwork easy. I did not have to worry about anything except for the healing process. I especially appreciated the medical lien being released. Thank you again.

Alexis & Mark:

Deeanna was involved in a traumatic car accident in Avondale Arizona. She was very concerned because she had a medical lien for nearly $50,000 that needed to be paid. We were able to get that lien waived and that money went to her instead of the hospital. She was very hurt and is on her way to a full recovery. We were able to settle her case without any litigation for a fair amount.

Testimonial by Pamela L. - Mesa, Arizona:

I was referred by a daughter of a personal friend. Updates were timely and I was always kept informed. I met with Mark and his explanation was very clear. The explanation of what I should expect was so that I really could understand the process. The automobile accident for me, my first, was a horrible experience, one that I try to forget everyday. The personal injuries I received left permanent scarring physically and mentally. The Husband & Wife Law Team did an excellent job of keeping me informed through the process and letting me know what to expect and when. An overall great job, well done. Thanks.

Alexis & Mark:

Pamela was involved in a very tragic accident in Mesa, Arizona. She required surgery and had significant scarring. She came to us and Mark met with her at her home. We were able to secure a settlement for her short of litigation. Although we cannot erase the scarring and the emotional impact of the accident, we are happy that we could be there for her during a difficult time and are glad she chose us as her legal counsel.

Testimonial by Keith J. - Glendale, Arizona:

I found The Husband & Wife Law Team in the phone book. Alexis answered all my questions. The staff was very professional. I feel The Husband & Wife Law Team handled the whole process well. I appreciated how I was kept informed of everything. They handled the overcharges from the hospital very well. They were all helpful and very nice to work with. They made it a non-stressful experience for me.

Alexis & Mark:

Keith was involved in a serious car accident in Phoenix Arizona. He was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. The hospital filed a lien against Keith's claim for thousands of dollars. We were able to prove that the lien was not filed properly and Keith was able to receive an additional $10,000 from the settlement money that we collected for him. We collected the full amount of the policy limits and Keith received the money instead of the money going to the hospital. Keith also referred to our firm the passenger in his vehicle which we are thankful to him and his family.

Testimonial by Aza K. - Phoenix, Arizona:

I chose The Husband & Wife Law Team because I liked a family office and photo of Alexis and mark Breyer. They responded timely with my calls and e-mails. They handled all parts of my representation well. I was impressed by the whole process. I received outstanding representation especially at the mediation. I would refer a friend or family member to The Husband & Wife Law Team I give them all 10s and all parts of my experience with The Husband & Wife Law Team were perfect. My overall experience was wonderful!

Alexis & Mark:

Aza was involved in a car accident in Phoenix Arizona. She sustained a very serious injury and the insurance company denied that her injury was related to the accident. Due to the insurance company's denial, we filed a lawsuit against the driver who was at fault for Aza's injuries. Prior to trial, we agreed to attend a mediation. The case was settled at mediation and Aza was able to receive a fair settlement amount for her injury claim.

Testimonial by Melanie M. - Phoenix, Arizona:

As a physician, I had reservations about pursuing a legal claim after my injury. However, working with The Husband & Wife Law Team was a very good experience and all staff helped alleviate my concerns and provided exceptional and professional services through out. I was not "just a client." I chose The Husband & Wife Law Team because it was not a "large chain" practice. They explained the process and presented the "best" and "worse" case scenarios outcomes to me very well. They were informative, personal and prompt. I cannot think of anything that they could have done better.

Alexis & Mark:

Melanie was walking through an apartment complex in Glendale, Arizona when she tripped and fell in a hole that had been completely hidden by growing grass. Melanie broke her ankle because of the fall. The apartment complex's insurance company denied liability and we had to file a lawsuit. We filed a lawsuit not only against the apartment complex but also against the landscape company. During the litigation process, we were able to agree to mediate the case. At the mediation, the case was able to settle. As the law in Arizona can be complex for cases like Melanie's, we had to explain complex legal matters to her. We appreciate her feedback and that she was very happy with our services.

Testimonial by Jennifer B. - Gilbert, Arizona:

I chose The Husband & Wife Law Team because husband and wife caught my eye. My case results were in line with my expectations and they got the job done. I was hurt and The Husband & Wife Law Team did the rest to help me get my bills paid and help with pain and suffering. They treat you like a friend and not just another client.

Alexis & Mark:

Jennifer fell at Fry's Supermarket. She slipped on milk that was in the aisle and seriously hurt her neck sustaining a herniated disk among other injuries. She originally obtained another attorney but after a month she came to our office because the attorney had not processed her case at all. We were able to process her case help lead her to recovery, and obtain a fair settlement from Fry's supermarket without having to litigate the claim. We were confident when she hired us that we could get the job done and we did just that.

Testimonial by Pete R. - Phoenix, Arizona:

I just got rear ended from behind and broke my back, knee, right shoulder and I had a fractured sternum. It happened so fast. It was the scariest moment of my life. This was our first time dealing with lawyers. The Husband & Wife Law Team was honest, prompt, courteous, respectful and friendly. I think they did an excellent job in all areas. The best part is the money. I really needed it. Thank you so much. If any one was ever hesitant to become involved with a lawyer, I would say call The Husband & Wife Law Team.

Testimonial by Mario - Arizona:

My mom was hit by a truck in a parking lot. She was in the hospital for four days. The Defendants never apologized. I found The Husband & Wife Law Team - Thank Goodness. The follow up communication made mom feel special and was very personal/professional. Get the right lawyer - Call Breyer today! What a great team.

Testimonial by Anonymous - Arizona:

All processes were handled professionally and up to my expectation. I appreciated the personal touch of the employees. The circumstances that required The Husband & Wife Law Team's services were not good, but the professionalism of the law office always reassured me that everything would be taken care of by my attorney. The ability of the staff members to remember small details about me was especially appreciated.

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