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Michael Schafer of The Schafer Law Office Endorses Phoenix Accident Lawyer Mark Breyer

"I am extremely impressed with Mark's knowledge of the law and his true empathy…"

"I have worked with Mark Breyer in a national group of lawyers for the last three years. I have come to know Mark and his exceptional dedication to his clients during this time. I am extremely impressed with Mark's knowledge of the law and his true empathy for the accident victims he represents. This dedication is rare in the legal field. Mark is also the author of some of the most comprehensive consumer guides on Arizona law that I have seen. Anyone who has been injured in an accident in Arizona or the Phoenix area could not find a better lawyer to represent them. I highly recommend Mark Breyer."

Review from AVVO: Michael Schafer - Lawyer in Louisville, KY

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A note from Mark and Alexis Breyer:

Our commitment to the health and safety of our community, our clients, and our team remain the highest priority. Though so much has come to a stop, legal deadlines continue to run and innocent people are losing their legal rights.

Now Offering: Call, Videoconference, text, or chat with an experienced injury lawyer – right now. You can even hire us and sign documents from your phone or computer without leaving your home. As always, no cost and no risk for these services.

We know that right now many people need to start their cases more than ever. We are proud to still provide an unmatched combination of customer service and legal results. We will get through this together and come out stronger than ever.

Mark and Alexis Breyer
The Husband and Wife Law Team