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Injured by a Heavy Construction Machine in Phoenix?

There are many accidents that can occur on a construction site, and some of the most common accidents involve construction vehicles. Due to their nature, and the fact that they have different pieces of equipment attached, these types of trucks can pose a great danger to those around them.

If you sustained an injury due to a construction vehicle in Phoenix, please call The Husband & Wife Law Team, at (602) 457-6222. Our truck accident attorneys will go to work to help you recover fully.

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Types of Construction Vehicles

You can find different types of trucks on a construction site, including:

  • Bulldozers: These vehicles have a large bucket on the front, with sharp teeth used to dig through rock, dirt, and other materials.
  • Front-loaders: Though similar to bulldozers, these vehicles don’t dig, but use their front bucket to scoop things like dirt or gravel and carry it to another area.
  • Backhoe: These vehicles have two separate components. The first is an excavator attached to the back of the truck: a large shovel that digs backwards. On the front is a loader, which can be used to move gravel, dirt, or anything else found on a construction site.
  • Dump trucks: Found both on and off construction sites, these trucks are used to haul materials, waste, or other byproducts of construction. The bed of the truck lifts up, so the material inside can slide out.
  • Cement trucks: These trucks have a large cylinder attached to a flatbed. It will turn as the cement is mixed, and a slide will be used to pour the cement.
  • Cranes: Cranes are used to lift heavy objects high off the ground. Even when not in operation, a truck is needed to transport the crane, which can be difficult for the operator to see around.

These are some of the common vehicles found on construction sites. Each has its own unique risks, particularly for those who need to work around the vehicle.

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Types of Construction Truck Accidents

There are a number of things that can go wrong with construction vehicles. For example:

  • Equipment failure: When construction vehicles malfunction, it can cause severe injuries. A heavy piece of the truck may fall, or a bucket full of material can become unhinged, dumping the contents onto those nearby.
  • Driver error: Construction workers must know how to operate the dangerous equipment they are working with. When they do not, it can result in serious injuries.
  • Weather conditions: High winds, rain, and other weather conditions make it more difficult to operate construction vehicles. Wind may blow a crane and its load around, or rain can make it slippery to maneuver through the construction site.
  • Struck by a moving object: When a construction truck operator isn’t paying attention or doesn't have a clear line of sight or a spotter, he or she may inadvertently strike people with the load or part of the truck itself.
  • Failing to follow regulations: All construction vehicle operators must follow federal regulations to keep themselves and others safe. When they fail to do so, someone can easily be injured by the truck.

When anything goes wrong with a construction truck and it results in serious injuries, those injured may be able to hold certain parties liable for paying compensation.

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Our Phoenix Construction Truck Attorneys Are Here to Help

Construction accidents are always complicated. When someone is injured, he or she may have to apply for workers’ compensation benefits, or be able to file a personal injury claim against another person. If a construction truck was faulty or defective, you may also be able to file a claim against the manufacturer.

All of these scenarios come with their own complications and challenges, so don’t try to handle your case on your own. If you have been injured in a construction truck accident in Arizona, contact The Husband & Wife Law Team at (602) 457-6222. These accidents are serious, and you don’t have to face them on your own. We’ll fight for your rights and make sure responsible parties are held liable for providing the full amount of compensation you may be entitled to.

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