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How Hazardous Roads in Phoenix Are Impacting Truck Collisions

Knowing and following the rules of the road can prevent many accidents between cars and and trucks. Sometimes, however, the road itself is the problem. Dangerous roadways are contributing factors in many truck accidents in Phoenix each year. Even when drivers are cautious and conscientious, dangerous roadways can make it impossible to avoid potentially life-threatening or even lethal truck accidents.

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Who Is Liable for Phoenix Truck Accidents Involving Dangerous Roadways?

The question of liability is an important one for victims injured in trucking accidents involving dangerous roadways. In some cases, a court may decide that the truck driver is at fault because he or she ought to have been aware of the dangerous conditions and taken precautions. A court might determine, for instance, that the driver should have known that a particular stretch of highway was dangerous or that construction was taking place in a specific area. In other cases, though, the body in charge of maintaining and constructing roads may be held accountable. There must be strong evidence that the dangerous roadway caused or directly contributed to the accident.

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What Is Considered a Dangerous Roadway?

When the city, county or state authorities responsible for ensuring that roads and highways are safe neglect to perform their duties adequately, dangerous roadways are often the result. Dangerous roadways can be caused by a faulty design, inadequate or inappropriate signage or by insufficient road maintenance. Design flaws that can result in an unsafe roadway include merging lanes that are too short, improper lane widths and sharp curves. Obstructed signage, poor warning signs in construction zones, and defective signs and signals can all render roads unsafe. Large potholes and debris lying on roadways may also be factors in dangerous roadway cases.

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The Complexities of Phoenix Dangerous Roadway Cases

Dangerous roadway cases can be complicated and difficult to win. It can also be difficult to know whether the driver or the people responsible for the roads should be held accountable. Anyone involved in a trucking accident that occurred on a poorly maintained or improperly designed road should enlist help from a legal representative with experience handling these complex types of cases.

The Phoenix accident attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team have the tools, experience, and knowledge of the law to conduct investigations into whether an improperly maintained road contributed to your crash. We focus exclusively on wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases. Potential claimants are invited to contact us for answers to their truck crash questions so they can decide the best course to proceed with the case. For further assistance feel free to contact us at (602) 457-6222.

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