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Phoenix Moving Truck Accidents Can Lead To Serious Injuries

When people move residence, moving trucks can be essential in moving your heavy furniture and large household items from A to B. These trucks are much larger than normal vehicles and can also contain very heavy items. Moving trucks can be hard to manoeuvre for the driver and sometimes, accidents can occur as a result. Other factors leading to accidents can include crashes due to vehicle malfunctions, poor driving, lack of experience or general recklessness.

Individuals can suffer serious injuries or wrongful deaths as a result of colliding with a moving truck vehicle due to their size or a moving truck hitting a pedestrian. Victims of both types of accidents may be entitled to receive compensation for personal injury.

If you or a family member are involved in a Phoenix moving truck accident and suffer an injury as a result, contact The Husband & Wife Law Team to discuss your options.

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Who Is Liable in a Phoenix Moving Truck Accident?

The parties involved in a moving truck wreck include the victim and the person who caused the injury. Commonly, the driver is liable for injuries suffered by the victim due to poor driving, lack of experience, or potentially from their being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

However, there are other instances in moving truck accidents whereby the driver is not at fault, and it could actually be the company's fault for lack of truck maintenance or general defects in the vehicle. This means that the equipment manufacturer may be at the center of liability.

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What Are the Potential Causes of a Moving Truck Accident?

It is sometimes difficult to point to just one reason why moving truck accidents occur. Many moving trucks are rentals, which could mean that the driver is unfamiliar with the vehicle. Fully loaded trucks can be very heavy and the shifting of improperly packed cargo can make them more unstable to drivers. Perhaps the largest contributor to moving truck accidents is the simple fact that movers are distracted by the intensity of their day and cannot pay full attention to the road.

Operating a large vehicle is inherently dangerous, but all drivers and pedestrians are owed a certain duty of care by everyone else. In cases of negligence, it must be proven that the wrongdoer owed a duty of care and the injury occurred due to a breach of that duty. Depending on whether it was the driver, the truck company or the manufacturer, a claim of negligence can be brought against whoever the relevant wrongdoer is.

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What Damages Are Available?

The Husband & Wife Law Team can assess your case to see what your prospects are with regard to compensation. If you have been involved in a moving truck crash that has resulted in personal injury, there are compensation options available for the associated emotional trauma, medical costs, pain and suffering, and wrongful death.

A lawyer from the team will evaluate your case in order to see what damages you are eligible for and see if they can build a case based on your requirements. They will achieve this by gathering documents, representing you in court if necessary, and working alongside you through the entire legal procedure.

The Husband & Wife Law Team are equipped with the required skills to deal with moving truck accidents and related issues. Such collision may cause grief, pain, and stress, and we understand how a legal battle can create added suffering.

If you’re looking for a team who are understanding, skilled at their craft, and can cater to your needs, call The Husband & Wife Law Team at (602) 457-6222 to talk to a Phoenix truck accident lawyer about your options.

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