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Everyone is a little bit afraid of semi trucks on the road. It's okay to admit it. Even when you know that the majority of semi truck drivers are never involved in a collision, sharing the road with a vehicle ten times or more the size of your own vehicle if you think about it, is pretty scary. If we had a choice, we wouldn't want to share the road with drivers of semi-trucks but that's just not a realistic possibility. As drivers of smaller vehicles, we share the road with semi trucks because we have no other choice. If we didn't, we couldn't get where we needed to go each day.

Many times, when you are on the road and see a semitruck behind you, you may choose to change lanes when you can to get away from the huge semi truck. That's always a good choice if you can make it happen. It can be frightening to drive near to a semi truck and there's good reason: whenever you hear about collisions involving passenger vehicles and semi trucks it usually never ends well for the people in the passenger car. But not all semi truck drivers cause collisions so what really causes crashes involving these large vehicles?

One cause is the semi truck is carrying too heavy of a load, which is something that the driver may not be able to control; however, there are people within the organization of the semi truck that can make sure the semi truck is not carrying too much weight as they know this can cause a serious accident.

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If your accident was caused by a truck that was dangerously overloaded, you have rights! Our Phoenix overloaded truck accident lawyers are skilled in all areas of accident law.

Why Are Overloaded Semi Trucks Are a Problem?

At first glance, an overloaded semi truck looks like any other semi truck on the road. And you may not understand the difference. But that's why you can and should compare an overloaded semi truck to something you do understand: your laundry. Think about the last time you overloaded your washing machine. What happened? Loading too much into your washing machine caused it to become unbalanced and it made some horrible noises. It may have even bounced across the floor a bit or rocked back and forth. Inside the washing machine the bin slammed back and forth against the sides of the machine. If the washing machine unit hadn't been there, the bin may have been thrown out into the room or tipped over. Well, it's the same with an overloaded semi truck. But the difference is that the semi truck doesn't have an outside casing to protect it from rolling over.

But if it's dangerous, why do trucking companies overload their trucks? Although it is against the law to overload trucks and most states attempt to weigh in all semi trucks that come through to keep them in line, trucking companies take chances to save time and money. They know that when they overload their trucks that they increase the risk to their driver and the risk of a collision involving a jackknife, inability to brake, overturn, or other serious incident.

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What Can You Do After an Accident With A Semi Truck in Phoenix?

When you're involved in a serious collision with a semi truck, chances are you are going to suffer a number of injuries and some of them will be serious enough to keep your out of work for a time, or to put you in the hospital. Whether you sustain broken bones, paralysis, head injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, lacerations, or any number of other bodily damages, you will need someone to help you understand what your rights are and how to handle the insurance company and the trucking company.

Most trucking companies have attorneys working for them. And these attorneys aim to keep the trucking company in business and to keep you from getting a large settlement. Some attorneys, and even associated insurance companies, will work hard to get you to admit fault (or sound like you are) even when you did nothing wrong, and they may even try to bully you or scare you into taking a settlement that doesn't cover your injuries and damages.

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Call The Husband and Wife Law Team

If you want help getting compensation that will cover your medical bills, your injuries, your emotional and mental trauma, your physical therapy, your lost income, and other damages, you need help from the Husband and Wife Law Team. For a free consultation from a top-rated Phoenix truck accident attorney who will help you from start to finish and focus on your case like it was their own, contact the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. at (602) 267-1280.

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