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Self-driving vehicles seem to be constantly in the news these days. Companies have started to make the push to get their self-driving experiments on the road with real drivers. While this may lead to an innovation in the way we travel, it could also spell disaster, especially if this technology is used in trucks. Self-driving trucks have slowly been making their way to our Arizona roadways over the past few years. While the technology is still a long way from being commonly used, there is no denying that self-driving trucks are now among us. While the companies making these trucks argue that they will make roads safer, the truth is that self-driving trucks may be dangerous.

We at The Husband & Wife Law Team, have seen just how devastating a typical truck wreck can be. Semi-trucks are massive, weighing tens of thousands of pounds, and they can do serious damage to cars and pedestrians. Knowing that computer systems are now in charge of something so dangerous is a terrifying prospect, which is precisely why we are determined to represent the victims of this new technology. If you have been injured by a self-driving truck, then you need help. Call our firm at (602) 457-6222 to schedule your free consultation with a Phoenix self-driving truck accident attorney.

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What Is a Self-Driving Truck?

A self-driving delivery truck may sound like science fiction to you, but the very first delivery made with a self-driving car was completed all the way back in 2016 by Uber. Uber has since announced that it will not be continuing its use of self-driving trucks, but plenty of other companies have stepped up to the plate. Companies like Daimler, Waymo, and Tesla have been experimenting with the technology for years now, trying to perfect self-driving trucks and get them on the road.

While self-driving trucks are still a relatively rare sight on Phoenix roads, that does not mean there aren’t a few out and about. Companies are starting the slow process of making the switch to self-driving trucks, and that means as time goes on, a truck with no driver will become a more common sight to see. While this innovation may be great for the companies utilizing it, it is incredibly dangerous for anyone who finds himself next to one of these new self-driving trucks.

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When Self-Driving Trucks Turn Deadly

Truckers are often tasked with long routes that can take days to cover completely. As such, truck drivers can easily become distracted or fatigued, leading them to make deadly mistakes. The upside to these self-driving trucks is the fact that with no driver in the cab, there is no chance that a driver will fall asleep at the wheel or become distracted by his cellphone. However, a machine is unable to do the quick thinking required to respond to road conditions.

For example, while on the highway, a driver may suddenly veer into the lane in front of the truck. An alert truck driver would be able to slow down appropriately to avoid hitting the car and causing an accident. However, a self-driving truck may not be able to sense the other vehicle in time. This would leave the machine no time to slow down or change course, resulting in a catastrophic collision.

Considering how big and heavy semi-trucks are, when they are involved in collisions, they cause absolute devastation. Few people can walk away from a truck accident without severe injuries. Many of our clients found themselves suffering from:

While human drivers make mistakes, current computer technology is nowhere near advanced enough to operate safely on the roads. This kind of technology needs to be tested and vetted for years, even decades. One slip-up could lead to countless injuries and deaths. That is not a gamble that any company should be allowed to take.

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Who Could Be Liable for an Accident?

In a typical truck crash, the trucker is usually the first person you look to for fault. However, if there is no driver, you cannot file a claim against a machine. So, who could be considered liable for a self-driving truck accident? While these cases would likely still be considered personal injury, they may be treated more like a product liability claim. In these claims, the manufacturer or the company that made/distributed the product is liable for any damages the product causes.

This means you may have to file you claim against the company that made the truck or the self-driving operating system. On the other hand, you may file your claim against the company that decided to put the truck on the road in the first place, as those two companies may not be the same.

Knowing who to hold responsible for your injuries is complex enough in a typical Phoenix truck collision. Without a driver, it may seem impossible. You can’t be expected to navigate such a difficult process when you are trying to recover from your injuries. However, filing a claim is necessary to receive the compensation you deserve following the accident. That is why you need to speak with an experienced attorney.

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Call for the Legal Help You Need

When companies begin testing new technologies, they should take proper precautions and the time they need to make sure they are not putting lives at risk. Sadly, most companies care more about their profits than they do about the lives of others. This means they will push for their new technology, such as self-driving trucks, to be used far before it is ready. We at The Husband & Wife Law Team, find this despicable, which is why we are so dedicated to helping victims of self-driving trucks get the justice they deserve. If you want to talk with one of our Phoenix truck accident attorneys, call us at (602) 457-6222 today.

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