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Tanker Crashes Are More Dangerous Than Regular Truck Crashes

Tanker trucks are commonly seen throughout Arizona. These semi-trucks have tankers attached to them, used to carry liquids such as oil, gas, or milk. Tanker truck accidents carry all the same risks as other tractor-trailer accidents; however, because of the cargo being transported, tankers carry additional hazards.

Anyone injured in a tanker truck accident can file a claim for compensation if someone else was at fault for the crash. However, these cases are particularly challenging. Anyone wishing to file a claim should speak to a Phoenix truck accident attorney to ensure their claim is filed properly. Call The Husband & Wife Law Team to get started with a free consultation at (602) 457-6222.

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What Risks Are Associated With Tanker Truck Accidents?

Tanker truck accidents have many hazards that other transport accidents do not. Flammable liquids carried in the tank, such as oil, gas, and other petroleum-based substances, can easily catch fire during an accident. When they do, those in the vicinity can suffer severe burns, and vehicles at the scene can be utterly destroyed. That cargo can also cause an explosion, which greatly reduces the victims’ chances of survival.

Other tankers carry hazardous chemicals. When these chemicals leak during an accident, victims and rescuers alike are at risk of toxic exposure, and the area may need to be evacuated to keep everyone safe. In addition, the spillage may reach the ground, contaminating the environment in the short or long-term.

But any leak can be dangerous if another vehicle slips on the spilled substance: the driver of that vehicle could lose control and get into an accident.

In addition, the cargo in a tanker truck has to be loaded carefully. If the tank is not loaded to at least three-fourths of its capacity, the liquid will move around inside the tank, shifting the weight of the tanker and potentially causing the driver to lose control of the entire vehicle.

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Dealing With the Truck Company After an Accident

If you were involved in a Phoenix tanker truck accident, you will face a number of issues. In addition to your injuries, you may also have to deal with the trucking company, particularly if the company or driver was at fault for the collision. Trucking companies and their insurers are known to be aggressive. They can hold up the claims process for a long time, making you wait before receiving compensation for your injuries and other losses.

Trucking companies also have a great deal of money to fight your claim. They have a whole team of lawyers in case one of their trucks is in an accident. This can be intimidating for accident victims. In the event that the trucking company offers you a settlement, it is unlikely to be a fair offer. That’s where a personal injury lawyer can help.

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The Importance of an Experienced Phoenix Truck Accident Lawyer

Any accident involving a truck is going to be complicated. However, tanker trucks present challenges that other types of trucks do not. For this reason, anyone injured in this type of crash should speak to a skilled Phoenix tanker truck accident lawyer. The Husband & Wife Law Team will not be intimidated by the trucking company lawyers, and we know if a settlement offer is fair.

If you have been injured in a tanker truck collision, call The Husband & Wife Law Team today at (602) 457-6222. We will review your case and fight to get you the full compensation you are entitled to. We will also deal with the insurance and trucking company for you so you can focus on a full recovery. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call us today!

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