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As the second biggest city in Arizona, Tucson has seen its fair share of auto accidents. When the streets are packed, collisions are bound to happen, but accident rates often spike at intersections. Even though they have traffic lights, signs, and crosswalks to protect pedestrians, the reality is that most crashes in Tucson occur at major intersections every year.

If you were injured in an intersection accident that was not your fault, reach out to The Husband & Wife Law Team. Since 1996, we have been fighting for our neighbors in Tucson and advocating for full compensation on their behalf. We offer free consultations for accident victims, where you can learn how The Husband & Wife Law Team can help you. To speak to a skilled intersection accident attorney today, call our Tucson office at (520) 624-4228.

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The Dangers of Tucson Intersections

What makes intersections more dangerous is speed. These collisions often occur because a driver ran a red light, drove over the speed limit, or ignored other drivers’ and pedestrians’ right-of-way. Most vehicles passing through an intersection are traveling at lower speeds, especially when safely turning at a corner or coming to a stop. If they are struck by a speeding vehicle, the sheer force of the collision can cause a large amount of damage. Cars that are rear-ended at a red light can also be thrown forward into oncoming traffic, leading to a T-bone collision.

Another factor is traffic rates. Intersections handle a larger volume of vehicles compared to other areas in Tucson, with vehicles of every shape and size passing through a small area. If even one of those drivers acts negligently, it puts everyone around them at risk of suffering severe injuries in a crash.

This especially true for Tucson’s more dangerous intersections, which include:

  • Golf Links Road and Kolb Road
  • 22nd Street and Kolb Road
  • North Alvernon Way and East Grant Road
  • Grant Road and Swan Road
  • East Broadway Boulevard and South Wilmot Way
  • South Kino Parkway and East 36th Street
  • North Oracle and West Grant

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Who Is Liable for an Intersection Accident?

After any car accident, the person who caused the collision is liable to the victims. This may be a driver who rear-ended or T-boned another vehicle, but sometimes, these cases are more complex.

While we expect drivers to follow all of the rules of the road and obey the law, we also expect our local government to maintain the roads. A poorly designed intersection, such as one filled with potholes or blind turns, can contribute to car accidents. In these cases, the City of Tucson’s Public Works Department may be partially at fault. Your lawyer can investigate and file a government tort claim, if necessary. The Husband & Wife Law Team has experience going up against powerful interests, and doing it successfully.

Another factor to consider is if multiple vehicles were struck during the collision. For example, let’s say that a driver is speeding and rear-ends a car waiting at a red light. The rear-ended car is pushed forward into the car in front of it. In this instance, the speeding driver may be found at fault for both accidents, but the middle car may also share some liability for not leaving enough space between his vehicle and the front car. While the middle driver can only file a claim against the speeding driver, the front driver can file claims against both the rear-ender’s and the middle driver’s insurance policies.

Determining who is at fault after an intersection accident requires an in-depth investigation into the cause of the collision. You may need to track down witnesses, speak to an accident reconstructionist, and get copies of local video surveillance footage. Tucson does have traffic cameras to track speeding and red light violations, which operate at:

  • Grant Road and Tanque Verde Road
  • Nogales Highway and Valencia Road
  • 22nd Street and Wilmot Road
  • River Road and Oracle Road
  • Speedway Boulevard and Kolb Road
  • Grant Road and Swan Road
  • Broadway Boulevard and Craycroft Road
  • 6th Avenue and Ajo Way

In addition to traffic camera footage, you may also be able to recover videos from social media, local business CCTVs, and GoPros.

While you’re healing from a bad crash, all of this can be difficult to handle. That’s why you should let a dedicated Tucson injury attorney handle your case for you. The Husband & Wife Law Team can dig into the details of your case and find out who owes you compensation.

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What Compensation Can Be Recovered After a Collision?

Intersection accidents can go far beyond your regular fender bender. They often involve a great deal of property damage, costly injuries, and long-lasting trauma, both mental and physical. Intersection accidents can occur at high speeds when drivers are at their most defenseless. Many clients come to us after a serious accident asking how they can cover their medical bills, pay for their missed days at work, and deal with the pain of their injuries. While we cannot change what happened to you, we do know how to get you the compensation you need after a collision.

Alexis and Mark Breyer can advocate for the full costs of your accident, which can include:

  • All medical bills, including past and future expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity if you had to change careers
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

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Get a Free Consultation With The Husband & Wife Law Team

We often talk to clients who are tempted to accept low settlement offers from insurance companies just to get their bills paid, but this is a mistake. Insurance companies are rarely charitable and often devalue claims to avoid paying out proper compensation.

The Tucson car accident attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team have years of experience dealing with dismissive insurance companies. We work on a contingency-fee basis, so there are no upfront costs to working with us. To set up a free consultation today, call us at (520) 624-4228.

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