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The reality is that there is a bias against motorcycles and riders. Maybe you are surprised that we are so upfront about that situation. We understand that a lot of people only tell others "what they want to hear." However, we take great pride in always being honest and up front with our clients. For our clients who have been severely injured in a crash, they should know the truth up front; there will be people who will try to fight against them simply because they were on a bike.

Because of the biased and downright prejudice against people who are enjoying the legal activity of riding a motorcycle when somebody else's negligence causes them severe injury, the need for an attorney is even greater when it comes to a Tucson motorcycle collision.

There is no law that requires somebody injured in a collision to hire an attorney. However, when you consider all of the complexities of any serious personal injury or wrongful death case, and combine that with our knowledge of the fact that there are people who will try to blame the motorcyclist even when they did nothing wrong, trying to handle a serious motorcycle injury case without the benefit of an experienced perrsonal injury lawyer is simply a mistake.

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How Insurance Companies Deny Fair Settlements to Injured Victims

Obviously, the at fault driver and his/her insurance company will likely do everything possible to deny you payment. Many of the games that are played to victims are the same as those played to victims. However, there are some games that are played and some tricks that are sometimes used in an attempt to deny fair settlement to accident victims. This is one of the reasons that hiring an experienced Tucson personal injury lawyer to help you after a serious motorcycle crash is so important.

The number of ways that an insurance will try to deny fair payment is too long of a list to ever put down here. However, there are a couple of common issues that come up. First, everyone who rides a motorcycle in the state knows that there is no helmet law for those over the age of 18. In other words, it is legal to ride throughout the state without a helmet. However, did you know that there is a law that still allows the insurance company for the person who caused the collision to deny payment based upon the failure to wear a helmet? In other words, the Arizona laws actually trick motorcyclist when it comes to helmets. Yes, they are allowed to ride without their helmet. However, if they fail to wear their helmet any serious injury that they suffer as a result of failing to wear their helmet can be argued by the insurance company to reduce payment. This is allowed even when everybody agrees that it was the person driving the car who was at fault.

However, insurance companies try to trick motorcyclist into believing they have no way to argue this. The reality is that it is incumbent upon the person trying to deny this payment to the person who was seriously injured to prove their case. The hiring of good experts, a detailed review of the facts, and an experienced lawyer can combine to prevent this kind of defense from denying fair compensation to someone who has been injured in a motorcycle collision.

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Motorcycle Emissions Tests

motorcycle pipes

Recently, Arizona lawmakers put in a request to eliminate the requirement for emissions testing on motorcycles, but there is much argument that testing is essential in preventing motorcycle crashes. We have heard both arguments on each side.

Many motorcycle riders believe that riders should always make safety and emissions testing and inspections one of the most important things they do every year. By getting your motorcycle tested on a yearly basis, you can keep yourself safe. Mechanics who perform testing and inspections can alert you to serious problems, including:

  • gas and oil leaks;
  • problems with your brakes that could lead to a serious accident;
  • problems with your ignition; and
  • problems with your headlights or horn that could make you more difficult to spot for drivers who aren’t paying close attention to the road.

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Dealing with Insurance Companies in Tucson

Another common way that insurance companies deny compensation to someone who is owed payment on an injury claim is to not share the uninsured and underinsured motorist laws when it comes to collision accidents in Arizona.

people reviewing documents

Even if your bike did not have any insurance on it for uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, any vehicle that you own or any vehicle owned by a family member you lived with may well have had uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage that will cover you in your crash. This becomes very important because many times the medical bills following a motorcycle crash are too much for the other at-fault driver's insurance company to pay. In this way, hiring a Tucson car accident attorney who understands insurance laws throughout the State of Arizona may increase the chances that there is a greater amount money to help you become fully compensated for your medical bills, wage loss, and other out-of-pocket expenses - in addition to pain and suffering, anxiety, frustration and inability to just live your life - after a serious crash.

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If you want honest answers to your motorcycle injury questions and somebody who will tell you how to best pursue your Tucson motorcycle claim, please feel free to give us a call. We will call it as we see it. We will not tell you just what you "want to hear" or tell you how great your case is even if there are problem with it. If you want honest answers to know whether or not you have an injury claim and what is a realistic scenario for trying to get some kind of compensation or trying to get the best possible compensation that you can, give The Husband & Wife Law Team a call at our Tucson office at (520) 624-4228.

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