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Many drivers hit innocent individuals and then leave the scene of the accidents. When you are a pedestrian, it is important to take safety measures so that a car does not hit you while you are on the roadways. That being said, many pedestrians take safety measures to make sure that they are safe from drivers, and drivers of vehicles still cause injuries to these pedestrians. Safety measures help prevent people from being hit by drivers, but they certainly do not prevent all drivers from hitting pedestrians.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries in a crosswalk accident, please contact a Tucson injury lawyer at Breyer Law Offices, P.C.

Some tips for keeping pedestrians safe are:

  • Try to walk on the sidewalk as opposed to the road
  • Look for a crosswalk to see if it is near
  • If it is dark out, try to walk in a lighted area
  • If you decide to take a run or walk at nighttime, use reflectors
  • Try to avoid walking on busy streets
  • If you can avoid intersections while walking, that is best
  • Try to make eye contact with the driver of the vehicle

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Pedestrian Accident Law

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According to ARS 28-793, pedestrians crossing outside of crosswalks are responsible for yielding to cars. However, drivers must also exercise due care to avoid colliding with pedestrians on the roadway, according to ARS 28-794. Under no circumstances is it acceptable or legal for drivers to flee the scene of a pedestrian accident.

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In any accident where a pedestrian has been hit by a driver, the situation needs to be examined individually and on its own facts. Just because a pedestrian is not wearing reflective gear at night or is not crossing in the crosswalk when they are hit, does not mean that it is the pedestrian's fault. It is the job of a lawyer to put all the facts together and discuss with the hurt individual what can be done to achieve the best possible resolution for their injury claim. For a FREE consultation with a Tucson car accident attorney at The Husband and Wife Law Team, call us at (520) 624-4228 today.

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