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While we all know we could be in a car collision, a serious fall, or any number of accidents, few of us expect to have our entire life turned around as a result. Sadly, those who have suffered spinal cord injuries have to contend with just that. Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) are devastating, and can impact your job, your hobbies, and even your ability to live your life independently. While there is no way to undo what has been done, you can seek out compensation to cover the medical treatment you will undoubtedly need.

We at The Husband & Wife Law Team, have worked with many Tucson clients who have been left with severe spinal cord damage because of someone else’s negligence. We have seen just how difficult this kind of injury is to recover from, as well as how difficult it can be to adjust to sudden disabilities. That is why we are so dedicated to providing our clients with the help they need to recover financially. To speak with a top Tucson personal injury attorney, call us at (520) 624-4228. We are ready to help.

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How The Spine Becomes Injured

The spine is made up of multiple bones, which is what allows it to be so flexible. Within these bones (vertebrae), as well as around them, runs your nervous system. These nerves connect your brain to the rest of your body, allowing your brain to communicate and send signals. These signals are what cause your hands, arms, legs, lungs, and even your heart to operate. However, while the spine is made up of bone, it is still fragile. Any number of accidents can damage the spine, and thus those important nerves. Some accidents that lead to spinal cord damage include:

This is just a small list of the most common accidents that we see at The Husband & Wife Law Team. Whatever accident caused your SCI, you are likely suffering from severe pain, and dealing with the fallout that only a catastrophic injury could cause. After all, the spine is a complex part of the body, and as such, there are a number of consequences that come as a result of serious damage.

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The Spine and Paralysis

What makes a spinal cord injury so severe is the fact that when the spine becomes damaged, the nerves around and in the spine will often suffer damage as well. When these nerves are torn, stretched, or ripped, the connection between the brain and the rest of the body can be interrupted, leading to partial paralysis. With spinal injuries, there are two types you may be suffering from:

Incomplete: An incomplete spinal cord injury means that you maintain at least some sense of feeling and movement below the injury. For example, if the spine by your pelvis was damaged, but you are still able to partially move your legs, then that would be an incomplete SCI.

Complete: A complete spinal injury is when you have lost all feeling and the ability to move below the part of your spine that was damaged. Going back to the above example, if you are unable to feel or move your legs, then you are suffering from a complete SCI.

If you have suffered a complete spinal cord injury, that means you are suffering from paralysis, or the inability to feel or move certain parts of your body. There are a few kinds of paralysis that someone suffering a spinal cord injury could be left with, but the two most common are:

Paraplegia: When the spine by your hips or abdomen is damaged, which is very common in falls or car collisions, it can leave the nerves to your legs permanently damaged. When that happens, it may leave you unable to move your legs at all. This kind of paralysis can also impact your bladder and bowels.

Tetraplegia: Sometimes known as quadriplegia. You have lost the ability to move any part of your body below the neck. Oftentimes, this kind of paralysis will come as a result of an injury to the spine in your neck. That damages the nerves that leave your brain, meaning they are unable to connect to any of the other parts of the body.

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Recovering After a Spine Injury

Treatments for an SCI can range from lengthy physical therapy sessions to extensive surgeries. That is sure to cost you a great deal. One of the most difficult aspects of spinal cord injuries, however, is the fact that you will be unable to work as you recover, and may not be able to return to work at all. This can leave you with seemingly no way to pay for the treatments you need. That is why filing a personal injury claim against the person responsible for your injuries is so important. When you file a claim, you may recover damages for:

  • Medical bills
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of employment opportunities
  • Lowered quality of life
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering

By filing a claim, you are not only holding the at-fault party responsible, you are also giving yourself the chance to get the compensation that you need. That is why you need to seek help from an experienced attorney who knows how to fight for best outcome for their client.

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Call The Husband & Wife Law Team, for the Help You Need

While there are many people in Tucson who live happy and fulfilling lives with a disability, making a sudden adjustment to paralysis, whether it be paraplegia or tetraplegia, is incredibly difficult. You will no longer be able to enjoy the activities that you once did, and you may not be able to work. No one should be left in such an emotionally taxing situation without a financial safety net. Thankfully, if your spinal injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you may be able to recover compensation. To find out about your legal options, call The Husband & Wife Law Team at our Tucson office at (520) 624-4228 today.

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