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Injured at a Yuma Shopping Mall?

If you’re looking to places to shop in Yuma, you don’t have to go very far. There a variety of different shopping centers, malls, and outlets all located within a few miles of one another in the city. This doesn’t even take into account the various smaller stores scattered all along Route 95. Of course, the last thing you’re thinking about when choosing which location to visit, is how safe the space may be. Unfortunately though, there are some negligent property owners out there that can make even the most adventurous consumer reconsider their next trip.

While it is rarely discussed or reported on the news, accidents in shopping centers are very common. So much so, that it falls under a much larger category of personal injury known as premises liability. Simply put, if you or a loved one visit a particular location and suffer a serious injury because of conditions found in said location, the owner of the property may be liable for an injury caused on their property. While this can happen just about anywhere, stores and commercial areas are prone to serious hazards. Some of the more common issues that lead to premises liability claims can include:

  • Wet spots on tiled or linoleum floors that create a slipping hazard
  • Torn or frayed flooring (such as ragged carpets or chipped panels)
  • Product packaging, display items, and other debris
  • Poorly maintained stairwells and hallways
  • Broken escalators and elevators

In order to successfully make your claim, you’ll need strong representation. When it comes to personal injury and premises liability, contact The Husband & Wife Law Team of Mark and Alexis Breyer. We have the experience, the resources, and the tenacity to hold any negligent property owners responsible. You deserve compensation for your injuries and we’ll fight every step of the way to make sure you obtain it. For more information or to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team, contact The Husband & Wife Law Team at (928) 277-0133 . If you are unable to call, submit your information using the form found on this page and a representative will contact you shortly.

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What Kind of Damages Can I Collect From My Claim?

Like all personal injury cases, every slip, trip, or fall claim or premises liability claim is unique to the persons involved. Because no two cases are ever the same, there is no way of accurately determining what damages a case will be eligible for prior to reviewing the facts. That is why we recommend speaking with a member of our team to get a clear picture of your case’s value. However, with that understood, there are a number of categories in which all claims tend to draw from. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your claim, you may be able to collect for one or more of the following:

  • Emergency transportation and hospitalization
  • Long-term hospital arrangements
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical therapy
  • Pharmaceuticals

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Speak to Experienced Yuma Slip, Trip, and Fall Attorneys

If you have recently suffered a serious fall in a department, grocery, or mega-store, give the Yuma personal injury attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team a call today. Let our helpful and understanding team get you the information you need to make an informed decision. Dial (928) 277-0133 or submit your information using the form found on this page.

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