Messages From the Team

The Husband and Wife Team was asked to describe their experience at the firm using only ONE WORD...

"I worked with and for The Husband & Wife Law Team for over 8 years. I love working there! Not only are they excellent attorneys who produce results, they are even better people."

Administrative Assistant:
"Everyone there is so friendly, they truly treat you like family…I miss working for them already!"

"I believe I could say with confidence that if you’re looking for a job you should move along but if you’re looking for a place and people to be passionate about they would be a great fit."

Why Join Our Team

We Make a Difference

We take pride in our work to produce the best quality experience and results for our clients and potential new clients.

We Have Fun

Whether it's a night out bowling, a family carnival or a surprise comedian showing up during your lunch hour… we know how to have fun!

We Give Back

We are not just another personal injury law firm. As a team, we not only deliver an exceptional experience to our clients but we help to change lives.

The Story Behind The Husband & Wife Law Team

While it may be true that “The Husband & Wife Law Team” is now amongst the most prominent personal injury firms in Arizona, it certainly did not start that way.

In fact, “The Husband & Wife Law Team” almost never existed. For his part, Mark Breyer headed to law school with one mission in mind. To be a lawyer? Sure. To be a trial lawyer which he believed was his passion even before he went to law school? Of course. But this was not his primary goal. The main goal was to get through law school unattached and single!

However, another classmate at the Syracuse University College of Law was a cute girl from Boston. This energetic, fun Bostonian came from a family where both her parents were lawyers who had worked together for almost their entire careers.

As it all played out, Mark made clear, repeatedly, to this girl that he intended to stay single and not be tied down. When that, inevitably, failed and they were planning to get married Mark was even more emphatic in his declarations that they would never work together. He would start his practice, at the right time, as a personal injury trial lawyer but he would do it on his own.

And yet, it is a good thing that plan did not work out. Because everybody who is a part of the growing group that makes up “The Husband & Wife Law Team” would agree that while Mark gets to stand in front of the jury (and gets some of the accolades as a result) that the real key to the entire success sits with that girl from Boston, Alexis Breyer.

There have been many awards and honors for the work that they’ve done. Mark is a certified specialist in injury and wrongful death litigation by the State Bar of Arizona – a designation earned by less than 2 percent of Arizona lawyers; The Husband & Wife Law Team have been named as top injury lawyers by North Valley Magazine for 6 straight years, Mark has been recognized as one of Arizona’s finest lawyers and has been interviewed repeatedly on different personal injury matters. And the firm has won many big verdicts for their clients. However, they may be best known for the work they’ve done outside of the courtroom. Their monthly Teacher Appreciation program – awarding a teacher recognition, a cash award and often associated media coverage – has been growing in popularity for years. Mark is the Chairman of the Arizona Motorcycle Safety Awareness Foundation, a group that has raised many, many hundreds of thousands of dollars during Mark’s time on the board for motorcycle safety. They’ve been involved in awards for medical providers as well as a host of other places where they have tried to give back to the community – specifically to people who may otherwise go unrecognized for their incredible efforts.

And (we are required to mention this important point or Mark would never allow this bio to see the light of day) that all this has been done while Mark spends as much time as possible keeping up with his Michigan State Spartans and their football and basketball programs. In spite of all the work, community, and college sports time and devotion the biggest part of Mark and Alexis’ life is absolutely the large family that they have been raising together.

More than 20 years later it is fair to say that The Husband & Wife Law Team has been a success and a passion for Mark and Alexis as they have the opportunity to help people in need in personal injury cases as well as helping and recognizing amazing people throughout the community.

Our Values

In The Community

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